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Harmatrix (formerly "Harmonist") contains two programs that can be used independently or together.

  • Scout -- powerful chord and scale calculator/MIDI harmony analyzer with 3060 chords, 744 scales and over 10,000 matches.

  • Ranger -- ultra flexible, highly tweakable MIDI reharmonizer handles any scale, any mode, and any chord with precise control over inversions and grace notes.

Scout detailed information
Chord/Scale Calculator

Ranger detailed information
Real-time MIDI Reharmonizer

Harmatrix saves you hours of composition time and allows you to explore a universe of harmonic and melodic possibilities quickly and efficiently.

  • Build progressions, melodies and bass-lines in a snap. Works with any sequencer.

  • Analyze MIDI tracks or performances for harmonic content in real-time.

  • Find all chords in a scale, or all scales containing a chord.

  • Display, audition and transpose any scale or chord.

  • Build chord progressions of any complexity, quickly and easily.

  • Test progressions or groups of chords for scale matches.

  • Weave subtle modulations for lush ambient pads and smooth jazz changes.

  • Reharmonize any MIDI music from any scale or mode to any other scale, mode or chord in real-time with precise control over inversions and grace notes (accidentals). Totally tweakable!

  • Download MIDI files and reharmonize into original compositions.

  • Use with audio and vocal harmonizers that accept MIDI input.

  • Even has its own integrated sequencer.

  • Relax ... Explore ... Create.

Harmatrix is a "must have" tool for any composer and a "can have" at only $39.95 (download).

Harmatrix Documentation is a free download. Please choose a download format ... PDF(900K) or SIT(800K) or ZIP(800K)

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